Collar Amulette De Cartier MM Oro Blanco, 18K White Gold Diamantes, Rubí N3109600

Moving on from the fine gemstone creations, the Amulette de Cartier collection has been enhanced with new, naturally sophisticated precious materials. Now, guilloché gold and snakewood seal their potent mix of sparkling presence and mysterious magic to create a jewel of one’s very own, ringed with gold, at once a promise and a wish.

Metal: 18k white gold
Ref: N3109600
Collar Amulette de Cartier, modelo mediano, oro blanco de 18 quilates, engastado con 71 diamantes talla brillante con un total de 1,54 quilates, 2 rubíes y laca negra. Diámetro del motivo: 25 mm. Cadena: 60 cm.
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