Welcome to the Jewelry Factory Store of My18KJewelry.com.

My18KJewelry is a factory-based gold & diamond jewelry maker since 2006. with 15 years of jewelry processing experience, professional jewelry customization, processing and sales, To undertake various customized jewelry orders, specializing in handling 1:1 Copy Luxury Brands jewelry and watches.If you have any questions about the purchase process, please see the Q & A below or contact us.


Customer:How to pay for my order?

Us:Please tell me your order. I will tell you the price of the item, the shipping cost, the original box fee and the total amount. You can pay the money by western union,moneygram and banktransfer. We will process and issue your order as soon as possible after payment.

Customer:If the item dont in stock,what could i do?

Us:We will submit the order, and you will need to pay a 30% down payment. The production time is about 7 to 12 days. But some style need more time.with diamond or with nature stone or style is difficult,Will take more than 12days,please give us more time,we will try best to make.To ensure the quality of the jewelry.


Customer:How to know the price?

Us: Welcome to chat with us on Whatsapp ,Message or Telegram.Send the picture directly and we will reply you asap.It is also ok for you to send Email for us.We are online 24h.

Customer: How many time will the jewelry finish?

Us: Welcome to check for us,Some popular style will in store.If dont in stock,It will take about
7-12days to produce.
If you order a lot, tell our customer service in advance, we will apply for the time.

Customer:Does the jewelry comes with original brands packaging?

Us: Sure.It will include original bags, boxes, certificates and cards.Will send pictures for you.

Customer:How to confirm the quality when you send?

Us: Before we prepare to send, we will take photos and video to confirm with you.

Customer:Can i see more picture of your work?

Us:Welcome to chat with our customer service and they will take more picture for you.

Customer:Do you sell jewellry for personal buyer or only for wholesaler?

Us:In fact, many of our clients are private buyers. You can order high-quality brand jewelry for your family, friends and yourself. If you’re a jewelry reseller, that’s great. We will provide free delivery and free original brand boxes, if you can order many items each time.


Customer: World wide shipping?

Us:Yes,we will calculate the actual shipping cost according to your country.

Customer: What is the mode of transportation?

How to pack?

We will ship by international parcel / EMS / DHL / UPS / TNT, or if the order quantity exceeds 1 cubic meter, it will be shipped by sea, depending on the area where you live.Shipping Methods: (Some countries are more expensive)

EU Direct

We can now ship to most of the EU Countries safely without going through UK, we will choose the safest and fastest way to deliver your order. You save time and shipping fees. If your country is not safe, this option is not shown.

UK Forwarding

For countries which have strict customs policies, we strongly advice you to use the UK Forwarding shipping method, your order will be shipped from China to UK and then UK to your country, this may seem like a long process but it is the safest shipping method to EU Countries.

China Post (Registered Airmail) 18$ ONLY FOR STRAPS      15-28 Working Days Arrival
SF Express 15$ ONLY FOR CHINA      4-7 Working Days Arrival
EMS Express 45$ 7-14 Working Days Arrival
DHL / UPS / FedEx 25$-65$ 3-6 Working Days Arrival
UK Forwarding 70$ 4-8 Working Days Arrival
Customer: How long does it take to ship after placing an order?

Us: After receiving your order, we will first check your order. Usually, we can send your package to you within 2 working days. Customized models need to be arranged to ensure high quality. All jewelry is made by hand. Jewelry depends on the style, Production time about 3-12 days, and watches 10-25 days!

Customer:How long will it take to send to USA?

Us: Each customer we all use the fastest shipping airline.In addition to the weekend express will rest, normally the Second day will receive.Just take2-3days.


Customer: What if I am not satisfied with the quality problem when i receive?

Us:In the three days you receive, if there is any quality problem, please contact with our customer service, arrange return and re-order. We will be patient until the customer is satisfied.

If you want to return for exchange / refund:

01. All solutions must be marked within three days of receiving the product.
02. The condition of the solution must be 100% brand new-which means it will never wear or open the packaging. Once you wear jewelry or a watch, the exchange/refund policy becomes invalid. This also means that the plastic packaging around the strap must be intact
03. Please ensure your return. We are not responsible for solutions that are lost or damaged during transportation. Of course, all shipping costs are non-refundable.
04. Before returning, you should conduct a final inspection of the product under the above circumstance
05. Items that have been tampered with will not be returned. This means that if the watch happens to be opened, tampered with or damaged, the return/refund policy will be considered invalid.
06. All refunds may take effect immediately after receipt and check of the return solution. The refund will be completed, thereby reducing shipping and handling fees (non-refundable) and credit card handling fees (non-refundable if paying by credit card).



By following a few simple tips you will be able to keep your jewelry in its original condition for many years to come. The permanent contact between your jewelry and your skin, and its exposure to different weather conditions, pollution or accidental knocks all mean that it requires care and attention. Here are our recommendations:

01. If possible, remove your jewelry before starting any activity that might damage it, such as playing sports, cooking or gardening.
02. Avoid any contact with cosmetic or household products, since they contain ingredients that could discolor your jewelry.
03. Avoid rapid changes of temperature.
04. Store your jewelry in an individual case, in its original Cartier case or in the separate compartment of a jewelry box. Chains should be closed, wrapped up and laid flat so as to avoid the formation of knots.


01. Regularly check the clasps.
02. If your jewelry contains lapis lazuli, coral, pearls, turquoises or emeralds, or if in general it contains a significant cluster of stones, the task of cleaning it should be entrusted to one of our specialists at a cartier boutique.
03. If it does not contain this kind of stone, soak it regularly for a few minutes at a time in warm soapy water (using only soap with a neutral ph). Scrub it regularly with a very soft toothbrush. Rinse it carefully in warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth, a chamois leather or a clean microfiber tissue.

For further information, please contact us!


01. Always protect them from any potential knocks. Even diamonds, the hardest of all precious stones, may become broken, chipped, or scratched by repeated blows.
02. Regularly check the prongs and settings of your stones.
03. Have your jewelry cleaned if the stones start to lose their shine or take on a dull appearance.


01. For the vast majority of jewelry, polishing makes it possible to remove or limit scratching on gold surfaces. Given that this operation involves the removal of a fine layer of metal, we recommend that you not have this service carried out more than: twice in the lifetime of a piece of jewelry made of white gold or three times in the lifetime of a piece of jewelry made of yellow gold.
02. Check beforehand with our cartier jewelers that your model can be polished. The rapid shine service, a less intense polishing operation, is also available for the removal of superficial scratches on some yellow and pink gold models. Our technicians are at your disposal to carry out a diagnosis and recommend the service that best suits your requirements.


01. If you wear your pearls regularly, have their stringing checked once a year.
02. Avoid spraying perfume on pearls.
03. Clean them with a damp cloth, using neither soap nor detergent.
04. Store them separately in an individual case. they could potentially be damaged by light, heat or by contact with soap, detergents, or dyes.


Two pieces of jewelry may be affected by being worn side by side. The friction between two circles within the same ring, or around the edges of each stone, may explain the scratches that can often be observed.


Customer: The jewellery I ordered from you is out of fashion now. Can I send it to you for melting and making new styles?

We will have records for each customer’s order. If you have bought jewelry for us, buy it more than one year (including one year) and want to change the new style. We will provide the old replacement service, and your jewelry will be melted into a new style.


All custom jewelry pieces purchased through electronic boutiques are delivered in boxes of their respective brands. Then, carefully wrap all works with gifts and place them in specially protected delivery packages.


Certainly. We invite you to include a message upon check-out, which will be printed on a original gift card.